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2018 Holiday Schedule:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1, 2018
  • Good Friday – March 30, 2018
  • Memorial Day – May 28, 2018
  • Independence Day – July 4, 2018
  • Labor Day – September 3, 2018
  • Thanksgiving – November 22 & 23, 2018
  • Christmas – December 24 & 25, 2018


Tuesday: Computer Class – April showers will bring May flowers and we have lots of fun activities for our children.  Our favorite little purple car, Putt Putt is planning a surprise birthday party for his best friend Pep.  We have to travel to Cartown and get a birthday present and invite all our friends.  We need lots of help getting balloons, making a happy birthday banner, ordering a cake and choosing the perfect gift for the perfect friend.  Can we get it done in time for the big bash?

Skills reinforced:

  • Problem solving
  • Directional navigation
  • Critical thinking
  • Logic and reasoning

A huge sky fire has destroyed the Great Valley and Little Foot, our friendly Brontosaurus needs help finding seeds to bring life back.  Along the way we must help Little Foot’s other dinosaur friends solve problems and puzzles.

Skills reinforced:

  • Puzzles
  • Audio discrimination
  • Memory skills
  • Matching

Computer literacy words

  • Number lock
  • Page up
  • Page down

Wednesday: Music and Movement Class – During April our preschoolers will use their gross motor skills as they pretend they are growing seeds to classical music.  We’ll also learn rain songs, complete with pretend puddle jumping, as well as some new spring songs.

Thursday: Spanish Class -Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol!  This month the children will be learning opposites in Spanish through musical exercises.  They will also learn the names of different fruits and will sing cancion del mes (the song of the month) which is about the fruits they have just learned.

See you later, my friends! = Hasta pronto, mis amigos!

Book of the Month:  This month our preschoolers will read Llama Llama Gram and Grandpa by Anna Dewdney.  “It’s an exciting day for Llama Llama; he’s going to visit Gram and Grandpa Llama and spend the night!  His first night away from home…and from Mama.  But he makes sure to pack everything he needs.  And there are so many fun things to do with Gram and Grandpa.  It’s not until he gets ready for bed that he realizes that he’s forgotten something important.  Fuzzy Llama!  Fortunately, Grandpa Llama has a wonder solution and soon Llama Llama is having sweet dreams.”   Check it out!

We have chosen the following books for our investigative study.  Each book has a series of discussion cards for our children to think about and answer.

  • The Wheels on the Bus
  • Rolling Along
  • Go, Dog, Go
  • Truck Stuck
  • What Do Wheels Do All Day?
  • Red Truck
  • The Paperboy

Animal Program:   Leaping Lizards – This month we will meet an amazing group of reptiles – lizards.  We will learn about their characteristics and where they live as we see them close up and find out what they feel like.


   Math Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • My Shadow and I – describing spatial relationships and shapes using overhead projector and flashlights.
  • Balancing Act – weighing two bags of the same size with different amounts of the same material.
  • Stepping Stones – creating a path of stepping stones on the floor using positional words to describe their surroundings as they move.
  • Where’s the Beanbag? – tossing a beanbag into a basket and describing where they beanbag landed using positional words (inside the basket, next to the basket, behind the basket).
  • More or Fewer Towers – building towers using interlocking cubes and adding/removing cubes using the more/fewer spinner.
  • Morning, Noon, and Night – charting activities that occur in the morning, noon, or at night.
  • Missing Lids – finding the correct lid for each container by matching its size and shape.
  • How Big Around – using yarn to measure the circumference of an object.
  • Fishing Trip – fishing for fish shapes determined by a number card drawn from a bucket.
  • Math Collage – using art materials and math cards to make a collage.
  • Ping Pong Pick-Up – Pick up a ping pong ball from the water table and say the number written on the ball.
  • Teaching Clock – moving the hands of the clock to the correct time and identifying the numbers.

Literacy Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • Stick Letters – using craft sticks and alphabet cards to make letters.
  • Making My Name – making names from letter tiles.
  • Knowing Our Friends – identifying names on laminated sentence strips.
  • I Went Shopping – demonstrating knowledge of print using items from grocery store.
  • Describing Art – using descriptive words to describe artwork.
  • Alphabet Books – demonstrating knowledge of the alphabet while reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.
  • Alphabet Cards – demonstrating the knowledge of the alphabet.
  • Asking Questions – learning how to ask questions to find out information
  • Daily Sign-In – children write their names when they arrive to school each morning
  • Observational Drawings and Journal Writing – demonstrates emergent writing skills
  • Book of the Month activities


  • Toddlers & 2’s Parachute Play
  • Bike Rodeo – 2 older classes
  • Museum Visits – Leaping Lizards
  • Smokey the Bear Visits
  • Toddlers & 2’s kite making
  • Plant Happy Hairies – preschoolers
  • Spanish Class with Ms. Mariela
  • Butterfly Hunt – preschoolers
  • Toddlers & 2’s Plant Lima Beans – and watch them grow!
  • Wacky Hat Day – preschoolers

Week Of The Young Child – April 16 – 20

  • Monday – Handprint Banner
  • Tuesday – Wear Your Favorite Color
  • Wednesday – Ice Cream Sundae Day
  • Thursday – Favorite Book Day
  • Friday – Picnic Day – bring a bag lunch!


  • Stop & Go
  • Obstacle Course
  • Throw Hard, Throw Far
  • Galloping






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