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2018 Holiday Schedule:

  • New Year’s Day – January 1, 2018
  • Good Friday – March 30, 2018
  • Memorial Day – May 28, 2018
  • Independence Day – July 4, 2018
  • Labor Day – September 3, 2018
  • Thanksgiving – November 22 & 23, 2018
  • Christmas – December 24 & 25, 2018


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Tuesday: Computer Class – Welcome to the month of March, and the hope that spring is coming soon.  We are ready for all the challenges, excitement, and surprises that our software promises.  We are on an adventure with Bob the Builder, Wendy, and the rest of the crew as we visit a medieval castle.  Our first mission takes us to a spooky dungeon to find a friend; then we must help Bob repair the castle wall.  Lofty needs help building a hedge, but we have to work fast before Priscilla, the cow, eats the grassy hedge.  We will be busy with lots of fun and discovery.

Skills reinforced:

  • Pattern completion
  • Castle construction
  • Logic and reasoning
  • Memory skills

Are Francine and Arthur having a birthday party on the same day?  All the plans have been made for the parties, but the friends have to decide which party to attend.  Can we get all the things needed for our parties as well as find a solution of two parties on the same day?  Only time will tell.

Skills reinforced:

  • Critical thinking and matching
  • Following directions
  • Creativity

Computer literacy words:

  • Install
  • Uninstall
  • Control panel

Wednesday: Music and Movement Class – During March, our children will learn about different notes using our green bottle band.  We will also learn new wind songs that are sung to favorite tunes.

Thursday: Spanish Class –  Hola, amigos!  This month we will learn the Spanish words for different feelings and emotions as well as learn a fun St. Patrick’s Day song.

See you later, my friends! = Hasta pronto, mis amigos!

Book of the Month:  This month our preschoolers will enjoy reading, The Dark by Lemony Snicket.  “Laszlo is afraid of the dark.  The dark lives in the same house as Laszlo.  Mostly, though, the dark stays in the basement and doesn’t come into Lazslo’s room.  But one night, it does.  This is the story of how Laszlo stops being afraid of the dark.”  Check it out!

We have chosen the following books for our investigative study.  Each book has a series of discussion cards for our children to think about and answer.

  • Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site
  • Truck Stuck
  • The Trucker
  • What Do Wheels Do All Day
  • Rolling Along
  • The Wheels on the Bus
  • Pete the Cat
  • Go Dog Go
  • The Paperboy
  • Red Truck

Animal Program:   Animal Tales –  What better way to bring a character to life than combining children’s literature with the natural sciences.  This month features one story about a rabbit and another about a salamander.  We will discuss what is fact and fiction about the main characters and meet the accompanying live animals.


   Math Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • Lining It Up – comparing and measuring our junk collection that is arranged by size.
  • Which Container Holds More? – comparing and measuring various sizes of containers filled with sand.
  • Balancing Act – weighing two bags of the same size with different amounts of the same material.
  • Sorting and Classifying – sorting our junk collection by attributes; How are these things alike?  How are they different?
  • Action Patterns – repeating body movements that create patterns.
  • Seek and Find – using our junk collection to classify objects; I will describe a group that I’m thinking about.  I want you to pick something out of the basket that belongs in that group.
  • I’m Thinking of a Shape – describe various shapes and geometric solids; rectangular prism, cube, cylinder, sphere, cone and pyramid using cans, oatmeal cartons, spools, paper towel tubes, balls, cones, cups and party hats.
  • Missing Lids – finding the correct lid for each container by matching its size and shape.
  • Guessing Jar – estimating how many objects are in a jar.
  • Straw Shapes – making shapes out of straws.
  • Teaching Clock – moving the hands of the clock to the correct time and identifying the numbers.

Literacy Lesson Activities During Our Investigative Study:

  • I Went Shopping – demonstrating knowledge of print using items from the grocery store and our junk collection.
  • Silly Names – making descriptive words that begin with the same sound using the children’s names; Laughing Leo.
  • Alphabet Cards – demonstrating the knowledge of the alphabet.
  • Clothesline Storytelling – drawing the major events and characters of a story and hanging them on a clothesline in the correct order.
  • Tap It, Clap It, Stomp It, Jump It – clapping, then tapping, stomping, and finally jumping the syllables in each child’s name.
  • Asking Questions – learning how to ask questions to find out information
  • Daily Sign-In – children write their names when they arrive to school each morning
  • Observational Drawings and Journal Writing – demonstrates emergent writing skills
  • Book of the Month activities


  • Dr. Seuss Birthday Celebration
  • Museum visit – Animal Tales
  • Parachute Games – Preschoolers
  • Plant “Happy Hairies” with Toddlers & 2’s
  • Make Kites with Preschoolers
  • Spanish with Ms. Mariela
  • Shamrock Hunt – Wear Green – Toddlers & 2’s
  • Leprechaun Hunt – Preschoolers
  • Indoor Wind Activity – Toddlers & 2’s
  • Springtime Stories in the Library – Preschoolers
  • Rainbow Color Hop – Toddlers & 2’s
  • Picture Day
  • Publix Grocery Store Visitor – Preschoolers


  • Dribbling a ball
  • Ways to Travel
  • Bounce & Catch
  • Body Shapes & Sizes
  • Swing & Jump Rope






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